Time saving recipe

by Chaitra

Tasty n fast

Tasty n fast

3 chopped tomatoes
Chopped green beans
Chopped cilantro
12-15 curry leaves
1 t spoon turmeric
1 t spoon cumin
1 t spoon cinnamon powder
Pepper (as per your taste)
5-6 cloves
2 spoons ghee
1/2 t spoon hing
Salt (as per your taste)
Moongdal (2 cups)
Basmati rice (1 cup)

1. Clean up and soak 2:1 moongdal:rice for night or at least for 30 mins.
2. Put it all in a vessel and add 6 cups of water.
3. Add all the spices mentioned in ingredients section and pressure cook it.

This recipe saves a lot of time as there is no sauteing of vegetables.Preferably use a wider vessel inside the cooker..so that the kichdi cooks well...

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